I was born in Ohio and, at age 17, moved to Minnesota to attend Carleton College in Northfield. I studied biology and botany with the goal of eventually working for the Forest Service. But not all plans eventuate, as I never graduated and spent 18+ years working with developmentally disabled people in Boulder, Colorado. Upon leaving this career, I worked many different jobs, struggling to find another meaningful vocation.

I eventually decided to pursue my long standing interest in massage.

I have informally massaged people for many years—acting only on my intuition— when I felt they needed the touch. I was told that I was gifted. Feeling that I could help people improve their health and internal comfort, but lacking the credentials, I chose to move to Portland to attend massage school. By deciding to attend school, I finally faced my misgivings about learning prescribed techniques. I had thought I would lose my intuition and ability to sense inside the body if I was taught too much mechanical knowledge. As it turned out, I did not lose my intuition and continue to hone my skills in order to better serve my clients.

I attended East-West College in Portland, graduating in the summer of 2000, and have been licensed to practice massage in Oregon since October 2000.

My many interests include: hiking (my partner and I hiked the entire 30.2 miles of the Wildwood Trail in Forest Park in a single day), environmental action (See Links page), animals welfare, doing research in traditional and Alternative therapies, and have been into organics for a long time. My parents were in the forefront of the whole foods movement back in the day and passed their ideas and good eating habits on to their children. My aunt did the same when it came to working to help/protect the environment.
In the last few years, I have again begun pursuing my life long interest in singing and theatre. I was honored to be chosen in 2019, as a chorus member in the 25th anniversary production of the Portland Revels at the Newmark Theatre. I also have been in their Community Choir and recently began serving on their Board of Directors. I grew up with music, literature and poetry from the time I can remember. My parents were particularly interested in cultivating these interests in their children and were both poets/ amatuer writers. My mother was very musically inclined, playing multiple instruments and writing songs.
My brother in Munich, Germany started and continues The American Drama Group Europe. Other members of the family have in the past/currently, professionally and/or as an amatuer, participated in the arts/music/literature fields.

I am certified in CPR and a current member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).