What are the benefits of Massage?

See my Benefits of Massage page for a comprehensive summary of the
many wonderful benefits of massage therapy.

What are the health benefits of receiving massage while pregnant?

Pre-natal massage has much the same effects as a massage given when you are not pregnant. It reduces stress and increases local and general blood circulation, thereby bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells of both mother and child. In addition, massage can safely help diminish sinus congestion, headaches, edema, fatigue, and upper back and shoulder problems, all common complaints of the expectant mother.

Wild Clematis and Brambles (c. 1900-1910) Christina Herringham—Newham College CambridgeDo you do aromatherapy

Although I am not certified in aromatherapy, I realize the benefits of using essential oils during massage. Aromatherapy can deepen the massage experience and also provide health benefits. I utilize an array of essential oils that can be burned in a diffuser and/or mixed into the massage lotion. You can read about the attributes of a particular fragrance prior to your session and choose what fits you on a given day.

What types of payment do you accept?

Cash and checks. At this time I am not set up to accept credit cards.

Do you give any discounts?

1) I give discounts to massage students, and seniors 65 and over who are economically disadvantaged. .

Do you sell gift certificates?


What days/hours do you work?

I am available by appointment only, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11am-approximately 7pm. My last massage of the day starts at 5 or 5:30.

How can I schedule a massage appointment?

You can call or text: (503) 351-3821, or email me at: johnny@massageforallseasons.com. Please tell me what days/hours you prefer and I will respond as soon as possible. I will return emails the same day and phone calls or texts within hours of your message on all work days.

What can I expect from my first visit?

The first visit may last 15-40 minutes longer than subsequent massage appointments. (There is no additional charge for this time. You only pay for time on the table.) I will email the intake, and you can either bring it with you to your appointment, or email your completed form to me by 10am the day of your appointment. The form asks a number of questions about your general and specific health, including the reasons you are coming for the massage. The information which you supply and the answers you provide to my verbal questions will help me come up with the best plan for your massage.

It will help me clarify what work you need, what kind of precautions may be called for, any stretches or exercises to suggest in a home program and if need be, any reasons for referrals to other health professionals. This initial intake time also provides you an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have about my services.

You will also be given essential oil, music and other preferences to choose from.

If you have never had a massage, I will explain that you should undress to your level of comfort (unless you will be receiving Positional Release Work only). I will leave the room to wash my hands, returning in a few minutes to give you time to disrobe and get under the massage sheet/drape. I always knock first to ask if you are ready.

After the massage is over, I will again exit the room and allow you enough time to transition and dress. We will then chat a few minutes about how you feel, and I will provide you with routine or specific self-help/homework suggestions.

You can also make additional appointments at this time.

Is there ever a time that we can't do a totally silent session

Normally, I follow my clients' lead as to whether they wish to chat during a session or not, as I feel that this is your time/session, so you are the one to make that decision. And I believe that it is very much more relaxing and therapeutic to be silent during massage. However, there will be times when I will need to chat about the work that we are doing. If you are receiving certain types of pain relief body work, I will need to gauge levels of soreness and efficacy of the work. This would happen primarily during Trigger point and PRT work. It also would occur during a deeper therapeutic massage (non relaxation-Swedish session), as I would need to query about pressure and sensitivity in order to get a better idea of your specific needs.

What should I do if for any reason, I will be late for an appointment?

Please call me as soon as you know you will be late. I will give you your full session as late as 15 minutes after the original start time. If you arrive any later than that, I will deduct any other missed time from your session length. (LMT has the discretion to make changes to this policy at any time.)

What if I forget?

My intake provides you with an option to be reminded via email, call or text for an upcoming appointment. I also will call if you are 10 minutes late for an appointment.

What if I miss an appointment?

As an independent practitioner, the time I schedule for your appointment is an expression of my commitment to you. Please give me 24 hour notice if you need to cancel, so I can have a chance to fill your slot. If you do not give me 24 hours advance notice of cancellation, and I am unable to fill the vacant timeslot, the following policy will come into effect (with the subsequent qualifications):

  1. The first time that a 24 hour notice is not provided, you will be expected to pay 50% of the cost of the massage.
  2. For any subsequent cancellations of less than 24 hours, you will owe 100% of the charges for the massage session.
I understand that missing an appointment can be unavoidable due to an emergency and if that situation arises, we can discuss an option that works for both of us.

Do you bill Health Insurance Plans?

I am a provider for Regence BlueCross BlueShield and PacificSource health plans.