Health and Healing
I recommend Dr. David Naimon for those of you looking for a great acupuncturist and/or naturopath who is also certified in the use of Chinese herbs. He has a sliding rate scale and was voted best Acupuncturist in 2004 by the Williamette Week!
If you need acupuncture, but can’t afford even David’s sliding fee scale, check out the Oregon School of Oriental Medicine. You will get student practitioners who are supervised by the licensed teachers. Everything I have heard about the Student Intern Clinic is positive.

Massage Related Links
Oldest professional massage organization in the country, the AMTA provides advocacy for the massage profession, along with countinuing education classes, business building information, research on the massage therapy benefits, and other great resources. You can also use it to find a reputable therapist in your area. I found a wonderful therapist for my elderly mother in Ohio using their “Find A Massage Therapist” directory. The AMTA also offers wonderful liability insurance.
If you are interested in attending massage school in Portland, I would recommend this school. The teachers are dedicated and the classes interesting. They also offer financial aid.


Essential Oils
The folks at the Essential Oil Company in SE Portland have been around for more than 25 years. They import really wonderful aromatherapy and perfume oils from around the world and also sell distilling items. You can shop with them on line or visit their store.
Escential Lotions and oils on Hawthorne also sells top quality oils and blends besides scented soaps, lotions, skin and bath care products.

The site for Bob Anderson whose book ‘Stretching” shows all the stretches needed for any athletic activity you might engage in. Check it out.
If you are interested in more advanced stretching with great therapeutic value, check out the 'Pose Finder' on the Yoga Journal site. You will find pictures and in-depth descriptions of how to perform a multitude of poses. There is also information on the health benefits of each pose.

Yes, I have a dentist listed here. As we all know it is sometimes very hard to find a good dentist. Well I can heartily recommend Brock Van Gordon to you. I know Brock fairly well because as a student clinician he treated me for two years at the OHSU Dental School. Brock crafted and inserted over 8 gold inlays and onlays in my mouth. He uses the latest technology — no-pain, no-shot Dental Lasers and diagnostic lasering devices besides having a mercury free and 100% environmentally safe office.

Other Health Related Links
Check out this site to find out about the effects of Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) on your health. EMFs are generated by many electronic devices including: cell phones, cordless phones, desktop and laptop computers and microwaves.
This is a really interesting article about very small bacteria (mycoplasmas) which may play a major role in many auto-immune diseases including Lupus, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, chronic fatigue and other diseases. There is a website at the end of the article which will take you to the research facility in California that is studying this microorganism.

Pet Food
This is an excerpt from the book "Food Pets Die For: Shocking Facts About Pet Food" by Ann N. Martin, exposing the toxic practices of the commercial pet food industry. You will never feed your pet commercial foods again. There are alternatives however. Check out Pets on Broadway on NE Broadway to see a full array of more natural and organic pet food products. Wild Oats and New Seasons also sell some good foods including Newman’s Own Organic pet food line. There is also a great natural health store in Clackamas, Oregon—check out their website at
Another great neighborhood pet store on East Burnside, which supplies raw food for cats and dogs along with other natural dry/wet foods.

KBOO - Our own local progressive community run radio station. You can tune in to Dr. Naimon's radio show "Health Watch" on Monday's at 10:00am (PST).

BARK is a grassroots organization dedicated to preserving the wilderness in the Mount Hood Wilderness area. They are a wonderful organization which works to protect the clean air, pure water and habitat which forests provide.
Defenders of Wildlife is another environmental organization
that works to preserve the habitat and life of many
endangered species not just in the US but internationally.