I am available by appointment
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
11:00am – 7:15pm

Note: The latest I will schedule a new client is 5:30 pm

Massage Menu

My massages are geared toward client needs/request. Remember, this massage/bodywork session is for and about you. Although we will discuss/agree--prior to each session--exactly what we will be working on, always feel free to let me know during the massage, if you are uncomfortable, would like something different, or anything else that you feel would make your session better and more workable for you. Note: During some types of body/therapeutic work we may Need to speak during your session so I can be aware of depth—pain levels—etc. (eg. for Trigger point, PRT etc.) Of course because I am a licensed massage therapist, I do only non-sexual massage. All of my massages are grounded in my intuition and intertwined with my own special brand of energy work.

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Deep Tissue/Swedish Massage – As I have said in other parts of this site, I always endeavor to give my clients what they want in each session. I personalize each massage to what is happening on any given day. From purely Swedish Relaxation massage which employs lighter strokes and possibly work to hands or feet (for increased relaxation effect), to deeper work focusing on particular body areas, I proactively work to craft a massage that fits you. When I do deeper work on areas that need therapeutic help, many times I will also use other massage modalities listed below as well as Myofascial and Trigger point work. I have also found that Deep Tissue massages in general are enhanced by joint movement and stretching. Many of my clients have found that Deep Tissue work is relaxing as a relaxation massage.

Positional Release Therapy (PRT) – PRT is a bodywork technique developed by a Doctor of Osteopathy. It reduces pain, releases chronic muscle tension and increases range of motion. Tender points on bony articulations or muscles are isolated and subsequently released by finding the body position which “turns off” the nerve impulses which cause pain. If we do a session which is exclusively PRT, you will wear loose fitting or stretchy clothing and will be on top of the massage table without a cover sheet—unless requested. This work is very relaxing. In addition to stopping the pain signals, there is an increase in blood-flow to the treated joints and increased flexibility to the attached muscles. After a PRT session, clients feel pain relief in the affected areas. Many times they express a feeling of lightness while moving and openness in previously restricted area. This technique requires a certain amount of communication between client and therapist, so it will not be a silent session. Results may vary person to person for PRT. Sometimes, after a single session pain relief will last 5 days, or sometimes up to 3 weeks. In order to gain the most from this technique it is important to do a series of 3-5 sessions with 7-14 days between each session. For most people, it takes at least this many times turning off the points to achieve good results as there are a number of different factors that contribute to the points returning or staying turned off.

Shiatsu – The Shiatsu I perform consists of compression and stretches with an abdominal sequence that is very comforting and can be very energizing. You will be on a table and fully clothed. Shiatsu balances the 12 acupuncture meridians by moving the energy from areas that have too much, to places where the energy is low. Shiatsu leaves you feeling extremely calm with reduced muscle soreness (some clients say that they also feel more awake).

Dependant on session length up to a
maximum of 1 hour and 45 minutes.
Charge will not exceed $120

Foot Reflexology Treatment – Treat yourself to a foot reflexology session. A teacher of mine once said that if you give the feet a massage you are massaging the entire body. Foot reflexology is an ancient modality of massage that postulates that the feet are divided into zones and reflex areas that correspond to all body areas and organs. By applying pressure and massage to these points, the stress in the area is reduced and the applicable body part or organ is also stimulated. I have noticed that one of the best ways to help relieve constipation is to massage the corresponding reflex points. It also feels wonderful. Pre-massage foot soak with Dead Sea Salts also included.

60 minutes:  $80.00

Pre-Natal Massage – Pregnancy massage addresses the special needs of the expectant mother. I follow all safety precautions and use pillows and props which help you feel comfortable and supported. You will feel at ease, and experience deep relaxation and relief from muscle soreness/tension.

Cash or check only please. I am not set up to accept credit cards.